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Twin Flames are two halves of the same spirit. While they are whole individuals, they have split into two whole souls. They are connected to each other and often spiritually work together to help each other. 

Your Twin Flame is the Yin Yang half of you. While each of you are a complete spirit and soul, your Twin Flame reflects either the masculine or feminine –yang or yin side of you. The connection between you is very strong and once you connect energetically you will be able to exchange energy and wisdom. 

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They are the yin and yang aspects of what was one soul—now they are two. If you are female, your twin flame is most likely to be male and etc. You may both be incarnated at the same time, but usually twin flames are not both living on this earth at the same time. It is much more common for one to be born, and the other to remain as an energy being spirit in order to help guide each other. It is very rare for there to be a twin flame couple that is in a romantic relationship. It does happen, but not often. 

Twin Flames are like identical twins that are born on earth in the physical plane. When you look at your twin flame, it is like looking at a mirrored image of yourself. The main difference is that one will be male and one female usually. At the very least, one will embody male energies, and the other will embody female energies, even if both are of the same sex. 

The energy being that was once one soul splits and becomes two whole complete souls. Twin flames are two individuals with a very powerful connection.

Claim your Twin Flame union now!!!

Using Quantum Codes With Sacred Geometries

Twin Flames are not the same as Soul Mates. Soul mates may or may not be lovers. They are often good friends, or others who come into your life. Some stay and some are only around you for awhile, but they come from your soul group which contracts to work together to learn and grow in this lifetime. They often reincarnate together over and over. Soul Mates were never once all the same soul. They are individual souls who work together for the highest good of all. 

Twin Flames can lose their connection to each other. What happens is that the connection is actually always there, but they have both incarnated at the same time and lost contact with each other. This can cause you to feel always alone, or as though something is missing, as though a part of you is gone somewhere. The step by step process will help to draw that etheric connection back together. It can lead to the two twin flames finding each other in this physical life if they are both incarnated at the same time. 

But if one has not incarnated, it can bring that connection back through remembrance. When one twin flame has incarnated and other other has not, the one in the physical realm often forgets their truth of being a twin flame. When both have incarnated, they may both “forget” and need to be reminded. It works to reconnect especially well when at least one person seeks to reconnect.

This Twin Flame Union Program connects you to your Twin Flame and to Spirit for empowerment, enlightenment, and healing. The energies of this process opens the connection to your Twin Flame for an exchange of guidance, love, and light energies.

Common challenges of being a TWIN FLAME


You may suddenly feel like your world turned upside down. ...

Feeling crazy. ...

Runner-chaser dynamics. ...

Impatience. ...

Obsessive thoughts. ...

Complicated circumstances. ...

Purging old energy.

Claim your Twin Flame union now!!!

Using Quantum Codes With Sacred Geometries

  1. Your Twin Flame isn't RECOGNISE you?
  2. Are You THINKING About Your Twin Flame ALL THE TIME ?
  3. Does your Twin Flame have the same MAGNETIC pull which You have towards HIM / HER?
  4. Does the Twin Flame CHASER give up?
  5. Twin Flame AGE DIFFERENCE - what it means and Why  have this ?
  6. Do your Twin Flame feel the same EMOTIONAL CONNECTION about you like you do?
  7. What does it mean to MIRROR your Twin Flame?
  8. Are You unable to Understand how to SURVIVE  intense Twin Flame ATTRACTION?
  9. What you need to do when your  Twin Flames in another  RELATIONSHIP Or MARRIED ?
  10. Are Your TWIN FLAME RUNNING away From You ?
  11. Claim your Twin Flame union now!!!

    Using Quantum Codes With Sacred Geometries

  12. What is your Twin Flame RUNNER thinking?
  13. Your Twin flame does not WANT YOU!! What to do about it?
  14. What will happen when Twin Flame CHASER moves on?
  15. Is Your Twin Flame A Narcissist? How to Deal with It?
  16. Does your Twin Flame fall out of LOVE with You?
  17. Did your Twin Flame BLOCK you ?
  18. What you need to do if your Twin Flame  starts  IGNOREING you?
  19. Do your Twin Flame feel your PAIN ?
  20. How to deal with the Twin Flame  REJECTIONS?
  21. What to do when your Twin Flame does not want to COMMUNICATE with you ?

Now you can solve all this Issues working in soul levels By changing your Soul Blueprint Using Quantum method Like Quantum Healing, Quantum codes, Sacred Geometries 

I am here to remind you that you are powerful and you came here for a reason.

Here are The Quantum Twin Flame Union Program you will receive:

Claim your Twin Flame union now!!!

Using Quantum Codes With Sacred Geometries

Being More As What You Currently Can Imagine.

Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries for Activating & Synchronising All Your 7 Bodies & 4 Brains
(This is a BASIC LAYER to tap into your own source of Power)
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries for Activation & Balancing all 7 Major Chakras & Other Minor Chakras, Maridians Etc.
(These are enlightenment energies to transform and follow Divine Guidance)
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries For Whole Release anything you ever thought, felt, said or did that sabotaged your life journey of BEING joyful and happy.
(A Light transformation of negative issues)
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries For Accepting who you are and accepting that your errors and mistakes are part of growing up.
(Dissolves negative attitudes and self destructing pattern of being a failure.)
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries For Release karma and any unresolved energetic issues between yourself, your Twin Flame and your family ties.
(This is a BASIC LAYER to bring yourself, your family and ancestors into a harmonious balance by dissolving Karma)
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries For Removing ANY & ALL spell, witchcraft, imprecations, curses, negative intentions, black magic and negative energies FROM this Lifetime Or Past Life !!!
( This code will help you removing all negative blockages created by OTHERS )
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries For Healing of negative ego programming, shadow side stuff and negative personality traits that negatively impact or influence your interactions with friends, co-workers and personal relationships and Beyond
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries For Meeting With Your TWIN FLAME In 3D & Spirit Relam
( This code will help you to find and locate your Twin Flame on earth if Your TWIN FLAME Incarnate )
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries For Activation of the new Twin Flame Soul purpose and plan that aligns with the 5th Dimensional New Earth.
(This Code helps preparing the Golden Age of The Humanity and Collective Consciousness)
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries for DNA Activation & Upgrade to the Highest Level For Higher Traning & Guidance in INNER PLANE
(This Code optimizes your DNA template.)
Quantum Codes & Sacred Geometries for the true reunion of the divine masculine and the divine feminine energy within you.
(This is a very essential God/Goddess balancer.)

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